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SOAR Participates In Oregon Legislative Day

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SOARlegislative-day Oregon partnered with Aurolyn Stwyer, Business Development and Marketing Manager for Warm Springs Ventures FAA Test Range, and Steve Chrisman, Economic Development Director and Airport Manager for the City of Pendleton FAA Test Range, to showcase the growth they have experienced over the past two years with the Oregon Legislators, during Legislative Days. Between December 12 and 14, SOAR and the test range representatives met with eight Oregon Legislators. Legislators were excited to hear how the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) has progressed. SOAR is currently supporting eleven start up and developmental companies in Oregon. There are now over 200 UAS industry companies that call Oregon home, and there are over 300 current job openings. Since Part 107 certification was released for commercial drone pilots on August 29, 2016, over 23,000 pilots have passed the test.  The FAA has also reported that since December 21st, 2016 there are now over 616,000 registered drone owners in the USA. That number is expected to continue to grow in 2017.

Special thanks to Oregon Legislators and SOAR partners: Senator Bill Hansell Senator Ted Ferrioli Representative John Huffman Representative Gene Whisnant Representative Knute Buehler Representative Mike McLane Representative Greg Smith Representative Greg Barreto Pendleton City Manager, Robb Corbett SOAR Board of Director, Tammy Dennee SOAR Board of Director, Craig Ladkin Economic Development for Central Oregon, Janet Brown

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Business Development and Marketing Manager with Warm Springs Ventures and Warm Springs Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range